Sunday, March 29, 2015

And we're off......

Just as we limp into Spring Break each year in desperate need of a break...... We quickly find ourselves in the starting blocks for the "Sprint to the Summer"..... Ready or not at 6am tomorrow the starting gun will sound and the we will be off for the 15 week stretch to the end.

The end of the school year.

The end of my teaching for 2015.

The end of Lindsay's school career.

It is a pretty packed 15 weeks but at least it starts with two 4 days weeks thanks to the Easter Weekend.

I have done very little since returning from NYC -  a few work emails and meetings, some grocery shopping, two workouts and some couch potatoing......and kicking a 3 day migraine....UGH.

I feel so blessed for all this Spring Break afforded me... a wonderful trip, time with Lindsay and my Mom, time for Allan and David to hang out, some down time, time to visit with friends......

We are so very lucky to be able to do the things we do and to have one another.

So over burgers and ice cream we saluted Spring Break 2015...... it was a good one.

I have lots of work and some adventures ahead....I've got my runners on.... Ready, Set....GO

Summer 2015....we're coming to get ya!


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