Saturday, March 14, 2015


There is no family more ready for Spring Break than ours.


We have some sort of internal tank for real life that gets the "tank empty" red light around March 1 and we make it to Spring Break on fumes.

Usually we head for sun although that plan has eluded us for the last two years.

This year we are headed in two directions......

The girls are headed to a grand Adventure in New York City..... 6 days and 5 nights of sightseeing, bucket-list checking off, eating, walking, art, shopping, eating, walking...... I am getting very excited now and by the time my butt hits that Cathay Pacific seat on Wednesday night I am counting on my tank being filled with excitement and adrenaline.  My Mom is coming with Lindsay and I on this "Grad Trip" - a lovely opportunity which I intend to make the very most of.  It's about experiences and memories for me.  I want to take it all in, with my best girls.  From our apartment in the East Village to MOMA to Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and Chelsea Market.....our days will be full and hopefully fulfilling.  Despite the wicked winter on the east coast it looks like we will catch a break with some cold but clear weather....and a little rain never scared a Pacific Northwester!

The boys have already taken up residence on the two couches in the family room (after a brief fishing foray this morning) and I am told their plan is to stay put until 2 hours before we return....when clean up will commence.  They have a LOT of movie watching planned.  They were also threatening to make one pot of food and eat out of it all week......Ewwww! I have stocked them with 3 nutritious meals and I am sure their take out favourites will appear the other nights!  They are already fist bumping and calling each other "Bro".  Anyone driving by feel free to check on them (at your own risk).

The girls have a couple days on our return to rest  a bit before the break ends.

So dawns our last Spring Break of two high school children.......And just as that starts to make me feel sad and nostalgic..... I remember....... that closer draws the Spring Break when Allan and I head off to Hawaii for a week.  Alone.

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