Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello blog world.

How have you been?

I missed you this week.

Despite all efforts to the contrary this week has kicked my butt and kept me from many things I wanted to do.

There are those who would say it was my own poor choice making that led to this sad state of affairs.

Maybe so.

But I know that for me some weeks are just THAT full.  And add to that a nasty little cold/cough thing and I find myself a little worn out as I am parked on the couch this cold, rainy afternoon propping my eyes open.

But even when so many things did not go as I had wished, others totally did.

I didn't get to jazzercise once but I started My Fitness Pal calorie counter app up again and completely kept to my food goals all week - 3 days I was well under.  For a tired, emotional eater such as myself it felt amazing to have stuck to this all week this week.  I can't wait to get back to jazzercise.

I was out two night this week for work but on the one night Allan and I were both home we took a lovely long post-dinner walk.  We talked and caught up and did some thinking and planning together.

I haven't had a lot of time with the kids but I have managed to help David get ready for outdoor education next week and I had a lovely sushi date and chat with my Lindsay and got to watch quite a bit of her first rugby match of the season.

Testing the new mummy bag
Getting the new mummy bag back in the stuff sack requires planking apparently
We renegotiated the mortgage, made some financial decisions, attended a planning meeting for the french exchange students who come in two weeks, watched Allan assemble his new fishing toy, had lunch with a good friend, took a few iPhone photos and had a fun evening with friends.

So instead of beating myself up about how busy I was and how full the week was I choose to celebrate the meaningful moments I managed to find.

They are, after all, the very fuel I need to get through the other "stuff".

And now I think I might attempt a nap.

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