Saturday, April 12, 2014

That Day

There is "that day" each Spring..... it creeps sense it's coming..... you eagerly check the weather plan, hold your breath and happens.




The trifecta of awesomeness.

So long anticipated.

And take advantage of it we did.

Our valentines gift of a new piece of furniture (the first for a number of years in fact) arrived this week and after several tries, and as we were beginning to think maybe we had made a mistake, we think we found it a perfect home.  

I had so much fun starting to fill it up - taking wine glasses long stored in boxes in my laundry room and finally displaying them.  Cook books, cake stands, candle holders..... 

We rearranged the living room and we love how it looks and feels - it was a very democratic process with each of us giving opinions and muscle strength as we looked at various options.

With the inside work well underway, David mowed the lawn and Allan set to the annual power washing of the patio - all that green gunk sprayed awesome!

Lindsay and I set out to run a number of errands - I have parcels to send to family and gifts for friends to sort out.  We got a couple of new accessories for the house too......please tell me we aren't the only family that struggles to tame the volume of mail coming into the house?

We also bought a number of veggie plants for the garden but most of our favourite sources are still closed so we just got a few things.  When we got home I turned over the soil in the beds to aerate them and warm the soil for planting.  I brought some little plants to add the first bit of colour to the yard - so lovely!

Can anyone explain why we have 3 BBQ's? Please?  Someone?
So with the makeover inside pretty much done and the yard makeover well underway....... we had a lovely dinner with the french doors open and yes.....a glass (or two) of a crisp white wine!

Hello Spring!

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