Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Yeller

There are some parents who stand on the sidelines of their child's chosen sport and watch.


Clap politely.

Sigh and shake heads on dubious calls.

I truly admire these people.

For I am not like them.

I am a yeller.

I yell at everything, good, bad, slow, fast, sometimes for nothing at all....... I get pretty caught up in the emotion. 

For David and soccer I have mostly solved the problem by not going.  Allan is the coach after all - no need to have the screaming banshee mother along too.

For Lindsay and rugby I often am at work when the games are played and only catch a few minutes - not long enough for more than a yelp or two.

But today I was in for the long haul........ several games........on my own ..... no one to muzzle me......

I gave it some thought.

I took the big camera.

And voila....that 4 inches of lens gave me just enough distance and focus to keep my mouth shut.

Totally shut.......ok ok I cheered a couple of times and I may have huffed once or twice but by my usual standards I was mute!

And here are the fruits of my silence......

1 comment:

  1. I too am a yeller,even a camera doesn't stop me-but apparently awareness is half of the problem solved!? Gorgeous pics. Jealous cousin