Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Food

"Please pass the happy pig"

A phrase heard in my house these days.

Soon to be added to with "Please pass the happy veggies".

We have made a commitment to buy some locally farmed, organic, happy food.

And I don't use the word commitment lightly.

Both were decisions we wrestled with and thought about.

Of course we knew we wanted to eat happy, local, organic food while supporting local farmers and the local economy and keeping ourselves healthy...... not hard to want that.

It was the value for money that gave us pause and still gives me pause even after plonking down some serious cash.

What has been required is a mind shift for me and for our family budget.

We have had to come to the fact that we will have to eat less meat generally to eat happy meat.

We have come to accept that our portions will be smaller as the taste is richer.

We have come to find ways to use unfamiliar cuts of meat and unfamiliar and less desirable (to us) vegetables.

We have come to understand that funding the farm ahead of the season makes perfect sense, its an investment in our summer eating.

I am grateful that we can make these choices for our family.  I feel those who can do should so that this way of eating and "shopping" for food becomes more widespread and hopefully more affordable so more can make this choice for their families.

Last night we used part of our happy local quarter pig we had never heard of  before but that turns out to be a staple part of Italian cuisine (smoked jowl??).... Lindsay did the research and David made the recipe....and it was delicious!!

If you are interested in sourcing your food locally and sustainably check out local farms and farmers ... there is a global movement to this way of eating.

For Lower Mainland folks I offer the following links:
Meat and Veggies
CSA farms across the Lower Mainland

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