Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I have been looking forward to this trip to Edmonton for months.  My dear friends moved there almost a year ago and I miss them.  So I donned my down coat and flew north.

Wowzer cold and snowy when I arrived....but such a warm welcome.  I though the kids might need a while to warm up but there were cuddles and smiles right off the bat.

I had a great time..... mostly just hanging out and chatting and playing.  Also a few trips to Edmonton attractions and sights.

It was like visiting family.  

We laughed, we talked about hopes and dreams and life, we watched TV together,  we ate good food

.... It was such a good break for me.  

I didn't even open my computer!  (I checked email on my phone but only answered the really urgent ones).

This I know:

Friends are the family you chose for yourself - its a cliche but as with many cliches it carries truth.

Stay at home Moms are amazing - I couldn't have done it.  Add to that 5 months of winter.  In a new City. It takes someone special to do it.  And someone even more special to do it well.  And stay sane.  LH - you rock!

To have a friend who shares his hopes and dreams with you is an honour.  To see those hopes and dreams grow and change and to see the determination with which they are pursued.... inspiring.  GH.... I am making my reservation now.  So I get a great discount yes?

What a privilege for me to spend time with two small humans - P1 is going to be 4 in May and P2  will be2 in August.  So fun to see them growing and developing.  I could see them growing right before my eyes!!  So loving and cuddly and competent and funny.  P1 took me for a walk in the freezing cold just hours after I landed.  She confidently navigated all the way to her chosen destination leading on with determined steps in her snowsuit.  Turning around every few minutes to make sure I was following. Correcting my every misstep. Sighing when I stopped to take photos of the pretty snow.  How amazing to be so confidently in the world. So sure. So embracing of the moment.  I adore her.

And Mr P with his shy, flirty smile....frustrated by his emerging language and emerging teeth but able to communicate in his own way....taking my hand and taking me to his target.  Completely entering in to a private joke with me that lasted days....his brain is expanding so fast.  Such a sweet, gorgeous boy.

To be so loved and cared for and welcomed.... this is the stuff of life.

Edmonton is cold.  Not as flat as I expected. Big oil is evident.  My Starbucks American is 30c more expensive there (horror!). The transition from winter to Spring is messy. I would love to see it in Summer.

So as I return to the family I missed a lot. And the work that awaits my attention. 

I am grateful for this trip.  For these friends.

Thanks Hofs Family.  For being you.  For loving me.  Love you back!

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