Saturday, December 1, 2012


Our children have been brought up as Robokids.

No...that is not a new parenting style.... our children have been listening to discussions and debates about robots, watching robots being built, attending robotics competitions, volunteering at robotics competitions and seeing their Dad off to Robotics World Championships 3 times.

They are Robokids.

David has been dreaming of the day he could build his own robot and compete.

He wondered about transferring to Cambie where Allan was teaching just so he could do robotics.

And then the planets aligned and Allan moved to McMath as David started Grade 8 and David was the first kid to sign up for the Robotics club.

He has been building with an inexperienced and somewhat unfocused "team" that dwindled to just two.  The robot was slow to be finished.  David spent the better part of yesterday programming which left little time to practice before today.

After passing their technical inspection this morning they were relieved and delighted as they drove it back to the pit area for final tweaking.

Today David Byres went from the bleachers to the playing field and FINALLY got to compete.  It brought me to tears to see him accomplish this HUGE goal....this long discussed and much dreamed of moment.

He was SO excited.

And maybe a tad unrealistic........with the 2011 and 2012 World Champions  as well as some of the best teams in the region in the building his chances were slim to none and with a few unexpected technical glitches...David was sorely pressed to keep a brave face on things in the morning session.

After a pep talk from Coach Dad and a some troubleshooting they went on to score in all their afternoon matches under the careful mentorship of one of Allan's Cambie grads, who went to all 3 world champs and won the NASA award for innovation in 2010, who came by to help out.  A young man that Allan mentored so well at Cambie.
 David and his team mate Matt finished lower than their goal / dream but learned SO much about the pressure of competition, the frailties of their design, the technical aspects of their robot (and others) and got so many ideas from other competitors that I am willing to place bets that these kids will go far.

SO proud to see my boy in action on that robotic field today and proud of his Dad too who inspired and mentored him.
Go Robo Wildcats!

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