Sunday, December 9, 2012

O Christmas Tree......

As my kids get older, and as the time for teenage rebellion is upon us, I am never sure which traditions or rituals I hold dear will endure.  This year I have been so pleased that so far all the family traditions of old are still being embraced and enjoyed (and thankfully very few and infrequent signs of any rebellion - fingers crossed).

On Friday they happily went off to my parents to help my Mom put up her Christmas Village and they had a lovely evening being grandkids.

Today, though icy rain was falling, they hopped in the truck for the annual Christmas tree selection.  It was a scant 4 degrees and cold and raining and so the usually protracted back and forth of the various merits of each tree was slightly abbreviated although Lindsay still managed to name a tree "Neville" and make us all feel terrible for rejecting Neville and choosing a rather more plump yet elegant 8' Douglas Fir.

We wised up and brought the tree stand with us this year to circumvent a certain crisis from 2 years ago when our selected trees girth exceeded the maximum extension of the stand.  Last year we didn't have a tree as we were away enjoying palm trees in Hawaii so it's lovely to have the piney smell back in the house.

We always have pizza on the day we decorate and we made a pretty fine pulled pork pizza which was lovely to share with 3/4 of the Hofs family.

Our sweet friend Penelope came over to help decorate and enjoyed putting the manger scene together and watching the Christmas tree lights and decorations go on.

As I sit here and upload photos and blog in the glow of the lights, feeling the effects of the proverbial Christmas cold creeping into my body.....I feel grateful for family, for friends, for traditions, for joy and for peace and soon for Tylenol cold.


  1. Nicky with any luck you will never lose those family traditions - we still have two maniacs in the family who start getting excited about Christmas as December nears. but for us Christmas tree day comes around the 16th - ye olde "covenant day". The Summer Christmas menu of melon balls, Home glazed ham, champagne sorbet and pavlova and choclate velvet cream (the richest chocolate icecream/mousse you can imagine) survive. So I am sure yours will keep too.

  2. Ahhh good to know Fiona.....but you do have 2 very special maniacs!