Friday, November 30, 2012

Jazzer Party

Jazzercise Christmas Party......

I know the image that conjures up in your mind.

I know what image it conjured up in mine a few years ago.

I know what people think about Jazzercise in general. I only have to say that I do it.....or mention it and I see that look.

I drove past the sign offering Jazzercise classes for years myself.

I tried gyms, I tried running, I tried a personal trainer......and then one day just shy of my 40th birthday I joined Jazzercise.

And I have never looked back.

And I have never stopped loving it.

Last night we had a potluck after class to celebrate the Holidays.

I am not a big fan of those sorts of social events.....ones that are not at my house....where I don't know people really well.

But I decided to go because this group of women has become a community of mine, a part of my circle.

At a usual class we all meet and chat for just a few minutes before Janice (our inspirational and motivational leader of the dance) gets us moving into the routines...... at the end after we give ourselves a round of applause, we yell our cheery goodbyes as we leave.  So this party was a chance to chat for a bit longer - to get to know one another a little better.

We're a motley crew - but I think we are pretty inspirational. 

There is a lady who stands in the front row who is over 70 - and she rocks it ... truly amazing!  She told me last night she has been a bit dizzy lately because her blood pressure is a bit up....but did she miss a way!

There are several older ladies who put me to shame - despite creaky joints, tired shoulders....they keep on moving.  The inspire me to keep going when I think one more set of squats will kill me.

There are those of us who are a bit doughy around the middle - with stories of babies, surgeries, challenges of one sort or another that shaped us the way we are.  We huff and puff and laugh when we go the wrong way (that whole left/right thing can be tricky when dancing).

There are the skinny ones too - trying to get fit and stay in shape - young and old.....doing the moves.

There are the new "kids" who are gangly and clumsy - who get cheered on and encouraged by us "oldies" who still misstep the odd time or two.

We even have some guys joining us now! 

I am proud that we go to class after class, put our efforts in, burn those calories....we are moving, we are taking care of ourselves, setting examples for our families.

So as I looked around the room last night I wished those who laugh or are scornful or who don't believe Jazzercise is an awesome and effective workout could see us........beautiful, strong, women ..... who have moves.

Come join us anytime! 1 hour = 600 calories burned (ask my pants - they will vouch for it!)

And don't need big hair, a leotard or leg warmers!

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