Monday, December 3, 2012

Many Marvellous Meals

My friend LB has a 3 year old, a 6 month old and a herniated disc in her back.

That is not a good combination.

After some discussion about how I could best help her at this tough moment we decided making a month of (dinner) meals would be helpful.

In one day. 

Actually in half a day.

She had done it once before using THIS website as a guide.  I thought seeing as we were going to be cooking I might double some of the recipes and make some for our freezer too.  The website adjusts the ingredients per the number of servings you want to make.

If you are chopping 1.5 lbs of kielbasa you may as well chop 3 lbs...... really....

So on Friday my kids babysat hers and she and I hit Superstore with her colour-coded list..... you can see how we would be friends right?   A colour-coded list........genius!

I did the heavy lifting and we were done in under an hour.

LB and her kids arrived at 10:30am on Sunday and her hubby SB arrived a bit later.  Allan and Lindsay joined us in the kitchen and we were soon chopping, dicing, simmering, assembling, boiling, sauteeing away like a well oiled machine.  Lindsay washed pots at a furious pace to keep up as the foil containers and ziploc bags started to pile up. 

In a little over 4 hours (x5 adults = 20 hours) we had 36 meals for the freezer........ 22 for them, 14 for us which was way more than I was expecting. 

Of course LB made labels to go on the foil with cooking instructions on them.......SO clever!

And so my newly cleaned out chest freezer is full again but with actually assembled or made meals.... with all the craziness that is December that s going to help....a lot!!!

Doing it for LB was a necessity for their household at this moment and it was actually fun!  We chatted, David did a great job taking care of their kids, we hung out, there was coffee, and lunch (and the dog sat on his bed in the kitchen quietly through all this....our very own Christmas miracle)  and we all left feeling very satisfied - I think I might just do this again for January when I go back to teaching at night!

Anyone want to join us?
Fill 'em up!
Genius right?

36 meals
David holding a sleeping KB

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