Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

Hard to believe my blog is 2 years old today.

Two year since I wrote these lines......

What have I done?????

I just created a blog...... I didn't mean to...... I am not sure I have time to........ YIKES!!!   I have been a blog-stalker for ages and I love the way people chronicle their lives, ordinary lives, and muse about things big and small.  My life is so full already with family and friends and work and 2 jobs other than my "real" job and stuff.... lots of stuff.  Could this be a way to find something for me in the middle of this? - could I let the frustrated writer within me out?..... will it become a monster?  OK so within the first paragraph you already know I over think just about everything.  So I'm diving in.... let's just see where this goes!! 

It continues to be a wonderful part of my life.  I still love writing and thinking and composing each post.

I am less intense about it this year....less self imposed pressure to post everyday...but still wanting to post regularly enough to chronicle my life and the times we live in.

I still write my best posts in my head at 3am.  Alas you never see them.

I made my 500th post this year which felt like a milestone and this week my blog will hit 50,000 "reads" which feels overwhelming really.  They can't ALL be my mother!

I love the comments - from friends and family and random people around the world.

It is still fascinating what captures people's attention or interest...... what posts are super popular and which ones are passed over.

So for now the journey continues.  Telling the story of my life, here, now....... I am grateful for you who read......truly grateful.

Have a happy day!

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