Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A year ago

I have this nifty little app on my iPhone called
It tells me what I was doing a year, 2 years or 3 years ago....  I like it....it is fun to look back.

Some days it's a bit tough.

Like yesterday when it brought me these reminders........

A year ago I was sitting on a Lanai overlooking Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach in 28 degrees.

On Sunday here it was raining and 3 degrees...... bleak!

My Mom called and offered to take us to Hawaii for an hour so.  Just a 20 minute drive she said.  We were skeptical but intrigued but as every cell in my body was yearning for the moisture laden, aromatic air of Oahu I was easily convinced to follow her on this escapade.

My Mom is the most intrepid adventurer......she has the genius of making almost anything into an adventure....I SO love that about her!  So the kids and I (Lindsay in her I heart HI shirt) jumped in her little red car with no idea where we were off to.

We drove into Vancouver but it wasn't until we were almost at the destination that we clued in!

We paid a modest entrance fee and we were in Hawaii.

A tropical paradise of trees and flowers and exotic birds, and warm moist air......

It was SO lovely (despite my absolute phobia of birds flying around my head).....we sat a while, we wandered back and forth, we took photos, chatted with parrots ...... pretended ...... remembered ....... dreamed.

And then we walked out of the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park - a little tropical oasis.
Back to reality

Thanks Mom....for your great adventures......I love you.

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