Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yoga - ish

I went to my first yoga class today - a trial class at a fitness fundraiser........45 minutes

Lying on your mat take deep breaths and become aware of your body

Wow there are more people here than I thought
I wonder if I am too close to the lady next to me
I can't believe I am wearing odd socks

Take deep breaths that fill all the spaces in your body.
Lengthen your body with your breath.

Why is someone hammering in this building?
Man, it's cold today, I wonder if there is snow on the mountains
Breathe in and out
There I filled up the spaces

Relax your feet
Be aware of your legs, your calves, your

I hate my calves
I must try and find boots this winter for my XL calves

Put your left hand on

Crap left, which is left
Ok got it - I can't believe I still need to think about which is left/right
I visiualise which hand makes the L everytime
Oops breathe in and out

Quiet your mind and focus on your breath, on your heart centre

I hope Lindsay finds that dress in the right size today
I wonder what it will be like to do Jazzercise after this yoga
Must return that conference email this weekend

Come up into sitting and cross your legs

Ok up now - that should help me focus
Must remember to put dishwasher soap on the shopping list
So pleased David got MVP at soccer today

Now move back to child's pose

YES I know this one, I can do this
I must remember to replace the chocolate bar in my purse
In case we get stuck on the Highway in the snow and need it to survive

Now come up onto your hand and walk your feet forward and let your arms hang heavy

I am going to have to peek at someone
Oh ok got it
I hope Spanner isn't barking with noone at home

Keep breathing in and out - like the ocean

I wish we were going to Hawaii for Christmas
Breath in and out

Come up into standing and centre yourself
stand square to the mat
We are going to do tree pose

Oh no
Please don't let me be the first one to topple over
Ha ha she totally stumbled first
whoa, steady, steady...come on let's switch feet already

Lie back down and feel your body feel heavy and sink into the earth

Great Fall we are having
So much sun
Need to defrost the freezer soon


Phew....lets turn up the music and get moving

Me plus yoga = fail
Pre-yoga americano bad idea?
Try again?


  1. The even more hilarious thing is I won 5 free yoga classes in the door prize draw.....ha ha ha... now what???