Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrating Moments

Every Fall I think my life will be calm.

Every Fall I am shocked at how overwhelmingly busy I am / we are.

Next Fall I am going to see it coming....for sure....I will not be caught unawares.

I could list the list of things causing the busy-ness (and we all know how I love a good list) but suffice to say I knew we needed to find a way to decompress as a family this weekend. 

To catch up with one another
To rest
To talk
To laugh
To figure some things out
To cook
To do grocery shopping
To walk the dog
To bake
To connect

And we were blessed to have lots of those moments and more...... Allan rested after his epic week, the kids went to a Camp reunion, I got to an exhibit I needed and wanted to see, Allan and I got in an impromptu photo shoot on the way to do groceries, Lindsay went to a Party, David got soccer MVP, the dog walked and got some training on staying on his bed and playing alone outside, the sun shone...... A very blessed family time.

Happy Fall my Friends!

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