Thursday, October 11, 2012

Class is OUT!!

 I wrote this post in April the start of a journey that is almost done.....we celebrated Allan's last class at Trinity Western University on Tuesday.......when he got 9:45pm....on the front lawn....with a crowd of friends and family.....and cake and champagne.

It was a surprise and a great one at that.....and so well deserved.  Allan still has to complete his practicum and submit a paper or two but no more driving out to Langley every Tuesday, very few more weekends chained to his desk, very few more whoops and hollers over every A or A+ posted!

It has been hard.....and Allan has been the model of persistence and dedication and intelligence.  He embraced the hurdle put before him and didn't just jump over it....... he backed up and ran full tilt and cleared it by a mile.....and appreciated the opportunity and the learning and the people and the thinking.....

He would be mad if I said "Congratulations" now....he rightly wants to wait for Graduation for I will say "Well Done Honey - you rocked this degree and Lindsay, David and I and all our friends and family are SO SO proud of you!"

We made a sign for the front fence

Our Soupers helped set up lights in the yard
David hung banners
Wearing his Dad's crocs  - with socks - on a ladder!
More balloons!
Then we waited
Waiting is more fun with glow in the dark swords
Then HE arrived!!
Much cheering and hollering! From Penelope mostly!
Champagne was popped!
The party moved indoors

HA HA HA poor David was set-up for this one......

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