Monday, October 29, 2012


It occurred to me in the middle of the night, as these things do, that I had left my shampoo at my parents pool change room after my swim yesterday.

When I got up this morning I reminded myself that I would need shampoo before the end of the day.

I got to work and was enveloped in the aftermath of the Art Auction. And a myriad of other tasks and conversations.

Allan called me at 1pm on his lunch break and we discussed what we needed from the store for dinner and a few other things.

I didn't make a list. GASP!

I ordered some Japanese takeout and dashed to the store for a quick blitz of the essentials.

As I entered the store I remembered I needed shampoo.

But I was in the vegetable section.

I remembered again 3 minutes later but I was then debating the merits of various noodles.

2 more minutes later I was distracted by a great deal on pasta sauce.

As I rounded out the end of the dairy aisle 3 minutes after that with margarine we didn't need .....I saw the shampoo sign and walked over to get the shampoo congratulating  myself on this obvious sign of my mental acuity and efficiency.

When I came home and the bags were unpacked the shampoo was left on the kitchen counter because, God forbid, the unpackers would put the stuff where it belonged.

I smiled inwardly a while later as I swooped the shampoo off the kitchen counter as I bounded up the stairs to change for Jazzercise.

I had a great workout, a light dinner and stepped into a hot shower with a big sigh. 

Its been a long day/week.  I have lots on my mind and my body is tired.

I reached for my shampoo.  Nothing!

As bad words were forming in my mind I peeked out of the shower and there , within my arms reach, was my shampoo. Where I had put it a couple hours earlier.

Sheer Genius!  A miracle!

As I shampooed my hair, running through many things in my mind....and wondering why I wasn't being instantly transformed into a thinner, taller, younger, more beautiful woman with long, glossy brown hair as my shampoo "promises"....I was disproportionately glad that, for once, I wasn't standing there cursing what I had forgotten to get or do but rather rejoicing in the fact that even on little sleep and lots of stress my brain did function.

And my hair is clean.

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