Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit Week

Last week at my kids high school was "Spirit Week".

Each day had a different theme:

Monday - Canada Day
Tuesday - Twin Day
Wednesday - Bright and Tight Day
Thursday - Jersey Day
Friday - Pyjama Day

Of course this means much scurrying around finding "stuff" as there are three of them to get ready for this now....and Spanner!

We did pretty well on Canada Day......

Twin Day was a bust and Bright and Tight day I forgot to get photos darn it.  Allan wore a tie dye shirt and Lindsay an eclectic mix of colours but David took the top prize for his shiny orange cape and head band, stripped yellow and black vest over his very tight under armour and his orange and blue swim trunks......He was quite a sight!!  I was afraid he would get stuffed in a locker but he tells me he was a hit....very full of spirit.....OK then.  Spanner wore a reflective yellow collar for about 30 seconds.

Jersey day saw 3 Springboks leaving the house.....one very reluctantly.....Spanner actually didn't last long.


Lindsay wore her Wildcats rugby jersey.

And Friday the boys refused to wear their "pyjamas" ( and the world thanks them for that!) and Lindsay stayed home with me.

It's a great way to get the school community going and have everyone doing something together......I just wish they sent the Mom's some advance notice! (they probably do - "Its in the backpack" right?!)

Go Wildcats Go!!

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