Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joy in Details

I am a busy person....always on the go.....always with a project in the planning, executing or evaluating stage (or one or more in each stage.....).

You know what I love about these "projects".... in fact about stuff I do in general?

The details....

I love the details.

I do the planning, the mapping out of the big picture.....the big thinking, strategic planning...

Then I do the work....the teaching, the leading, the baking, the shopping, whatever it is....

But.... for me.....the joy is in the little details.  The little thing I think of to add to the table, to the class, to the training session.  

Sometimes the ideas just come to me.  
Sometimes I troll through the internet and find the perfect "thing" (without having yet joined Pinterest as I fear the time suck it may be but imagine the inspiration and am paralyzed in inaction).

Sometimes I see the perfect accoutrement when out shopping....and say Ah ha!

Sometimes work is work....nothing special....nothing dramatic.....nothing bad.....

That is when a little detail project can just make my day.....even if unnoticed by many.


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