Monday, October 8, 2012


There are few things in this world that demonstrate faithfulness....... many people profess no faith in God, many marriages fail on the basis of faithlessness, companies and economies fail when faith is placed in things/products/cash that vanish.....

I struggle with faith often. 

I think we all do.

50 years ago a man of great faith, Michael Cassidy, took 50 steps in the sand of a deserted beach on the African coast and asked his God for one year of ministry in Africa for each footprint in the sand.  He turned around and saw those many footprints in the sand and he had faith.

He told this story to many gathered here this week and to thank those who have participated in those 50 years, just completed and celebrated in August 2012, in many different ways.

My parents participated by walking away from lucrative careers and joining the ministry and living in faith. Now these 34 years later they continue to do that work with deep faithfulness to their God and to this man and to the ministry.

I started participating by stuffing envelopes for mailings when I was 10.  Now 32 years later I baked dessert with my 15 year old daughter for the gathering on Saturday night.  Once a missionary kid, always a missionary kid!

So much has changed. 
So many mountain tops.
So many valleys.
So many friendships.
So many miles traveled.
So many lives changed.

So much faithfulness from a God who never lets go.

Thankful today for this visible thread of faithfulness in an uncertain and troubled world...... and to no longer be stuffing envelopes!

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