Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surrender at Jethro's and Signs of Wonder

I took Friday off and had a staycation with my two boys.

As any good staycation would, ours started with breakfast.

With time and a sense of adventure we headed to a Triple D location

Jethros on Dunbar St in Vancouver.

Oh my goodness - during the 20 or so minute wait to get a table in this small and unassuming space we spied the food.........I am sure we made at least a couple diners feel some discomfort as our eyes nearly fell out of our heads at the size of the pancakes - whole frying pan sized - with all manner of options baked into them and then stacked......some with a Mont Blanc of whipped cream on top.  The calorie counter in my head headed straight into the red danger zone, sparked and blew up. Fortunately I was still somewhat coherent when the efficient but not very friendly waitress came by and we only ordered two breakfasts for the three of us.

Still David's "Hog Tied" bacon pancakes were daunting to behold
Ant though he and I worked diligently at the buttermilk pancakes while Allan had the "Cowboy" breakfast that included 3 eggs, 2 corn cakes, chilli, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage and a spicy grilled chorizo, we barely managed half of the order.

And we surrendered........ defeated.......and stuffed.....
  This seemed to be a trend as an endless flow of boxes landed on tables around us with the reheating instructions written on the top.
Not possible - but an experience......maybe best remembered for excess than taste.  Next time I would try one of the benny's.

Then after a toddle around all our favourite spots on a crowded Granville Island, Allan wanted to swing via an electronics store on Main Street.  We parked outside a non-descript grocery but as I waited in the car I saw these delightful sign taped to the window.  Look at them closely especially the hours of operation..... I got out to photograph them and had a brief chat to the owner - a delightful young man trying to be a good part of his community....I hope you enjoy this little gift from the universe something great in your community!

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