Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food Carts

My friend and colleague Jennifer and I have been planning a lunch date.

We sometimes go out for lunch to have some time away from the office to chat without interruption.  Sometimes a new setting is good for more creative thinking..... and good food never hurts.

Jennifer and I have many things in common.  One of them is a love of good food.

Jennifer has been acting in a Maternity Leave postion that is soon coming to an end and she is moving into a newly created management position for the next 10-12 months as our organisation prepares to double in size.

She and I are going to be working together ALOT.

So a celebratory lunch was in order and instead of something local Jen suggested taking the skytrain into the City (aka Vancouver) and eating from the new abundance of food carts.  It's great creative thinking like that that makes her so special!

So although, if I am honest, I was feeling less than enthusiastic after a late and difficult Board Meeting the night before and beginning to feel unwell.....we headed out of our adventure on sunny summer day.

We perused the very handy Street Food Vancouver app on our matching iPhones and tried to decide where to head.

We walked out of the station and right in front of us was Le Brasserie with its excellent reputation but Jen has tried them before so we took a left turn and headed towards the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery has a great piazza on the North side and was busy with food carts and lunch timers and a group dancing in a circle to a beating drum?  There is almost no better place to people watch and to eat good food while doing so...... so much better.
 We each spied our choice of food carts pretty quickly.  Jen opted for Re-Up BBQ and a pulled pork sandwich with iced tea and I headed for Mangal Kiss - Mid Eastern BBQ for a lamb kebab wrap with lots of fresh veg including diakon which I tried for the first time and really enjoyed.
 I also had THE most refreshing lemon/mint drink.  Mine took a bit longer to get but we eventually found ourselves a spot on the Art Gallery steps and had a great lunch.

The line-ups for Pig on the Street (they have a cool story and my admiration for catering from a Westfalia!) and Feastro were epic and made us want to try them one day.  We had been headed for Vij's but will keep that for another time.

Before we headed back we completed a quest Jen had been on to find this Banana Bread at Cafe Artigiano which also served up an excellent Americano for me.  We liked the Banana Bread but as for "best ever" or "To Die For"......we agreed... not in our opinion.

We hopped a train back to the office feeling quite refreshed for the mental break and mini-adventure in a busy day.  Jen was already plotting ways to repeat the exercise soon.  My arm will be easily twisted.

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