Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Memories

Despite being laid up with a summer pneumonia I am feeling the Olympic excitement in London today thanks to the CBC radio coverage.  The PVR downstairs is set to record the Opening Ceremonies.  My plans to host a British party today were derailed but I look forward to curling up on the couch and watching with the family later.  Maybe we will drink tea and eat crumpets......

Before 2012 I had never bothered to watch an Olympic opening ceremony and my attitude to past Olympics has been ambivalent, struggling with the enormous costs but enjoying watching the sporting events and the inspirational stories that inevitably emerge.

But having been so immersed in the last Winter Olympics, the spirit of which was so wonderful and overwhelming.....I am excited to catch some of these games.

I enjoyed trolling through my photos from 2010 and remembering......our opening ceremonies were will be hard to top them but I am sure the Brits will give it all they have.

We had some great parties, watched the torch come by our street, put a skier on the roof of our house, took some amazing trips downtown, we sang Oh Canada over and over again and we survived that Gold Medal Hockey game.......

Here are some photos of Winter Olympics 2012

Fun Downtown

The Torch Relay

The Opening Ceremonies Party

Other memories

Wishing Team Canada much success in London. 

Hoping for a peaceful and inspirational Games for all athletes and spectators.

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