Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I know its Wordless Wednesday but this little story touched my heart and I think it's worth sharing today.

We recently changed up our front entrance way at work and bought a large jar for fresh flowers.  We (and by "we" I mean my fabulous right hand wonder woman Jennifer) have been buying them from COSTCO when we get a chance.  For a few days now and again the vase has been empty.

One day a Mom brought some cut flowers in for us and arranged them.  That was a lovely gift.

Then the vase was empty for a few days.  We're (as in Jennifer is) going to COSTCO today so we were going to get new flowers.

I was here until 5:45pm on Monday (we close at 6pm) and I was in at 7:15am on Tuesday and immediately noticed an amazing display of arranged flowers.

We asked several people if anyone knew who had done one knew......

So I wrote a note.....

And today when I came in the mystery was solved......Jose the cleaner arranged the flowers.

We don't know Jose - he is contracted by our landlord and comes after we leave every night so it is VERY cool to me that we had this little exchange.

It's a story about community, about connection, about going above and beyond, about making our spaces beautiful......

Now to see how we can surprise and delight Jose the way he surprised and delighted us.

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