Friday, July 20, 2012

Chasing Sunset

Given how short our summers can feel, it seems sacrilegious to not watch the incredible sunsets as much as we can.

But after a while one sunset can look much like another especially for those subjected to seeing endless photos of them.

The ever-changing light is like a drug to photographers who end up at home in the dark with 192 photos of ever-so-slightly different photos of the sinking sun......or is that just me? 

But every now and again there is a gem.

Last night David, Lindsay and Lindsay's friend Megan and I headed south of Richmond to Ladner to find a new and different spot to watch the sun set. 

We found Wellington Point Park but it was a little early to settle for this vantage point.
Dueling DSLR's
The North Shore Mountains many miles away

I did like this capture on the river.
 We drove onto Westham Island and as much as we love that place and drove all the roads we didn't find a close enough water view that met the approval of the photographers.

The sun was sinking and beach access seemed elusive........but I followed a hunch and drove west along river road.  

We spotted this delightful barn in a barley field along the road.

On we drove on ever-narrowing roads, the dyke high on one side and farm fields on the other.  

Eventually we hit a dead-end but spotted a trail to the the dyke.  Atop the dyke the views were all we hoped for.

And then the wait for the sun to go down through several banks of clouds onto a dappled river.....

 And down it went.....

How blessed we were to be there to see it - the whole the sky and the water looked like molten gold - as Lindsay said "it was as close to seeing water on fire as we'll ever see"......

And this morning we woke up to steady rain and cool temperatures.

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