Tuesday, July 31, 2012

of pneumonia, TO DO lists and dog angst

Never say "I don't have time to be sick"......

It's like an open invitation for viruses and bacteria to take up residence. 

Not only do the viruses and bacteria laugh in your face they lodge in your lungs...in the summer. 

They send you to "rest" (which BTW is a term Doctors should more clearly define so as to avoid familial and marital discord - I propose a checklist of allowed activities for a patients particular "rest" that they can wave it in the face of those around her share their rest needs with those around them). 

Turns out the "rest" causes an injury - from sitting propped up in bed to breathe ones hip becomes inflamed and now that the bacteria has been killed with drugs (and to all you pharmacology smartypants out there we need drugs with less side effects please) the pain in my leg/hip is ridiculous.

So you see.....take it from me......DO NOT say "I don't have time to be sick".


I love ye olde TO DO list the way I love my espresso machine.....we're close.

This week I am rocking several TO DO lists - the happiness!!!  The craziness!!!

The kids have a day by day schedule this week to get ready for Camp 6 on Anvil Island.  Day one - all bedding and towels labelled, packed in giant ziploc bags (love those things!!), Day 2 check all toiletries and get laundry done etc...... It's like a military operation......I am not usually this anal (Allan just snorted his coffee through his nose) but we are leaving before they are and so there can be no last minute mom rescues this time - it has to be done and ready on time.

Allan and I head off to Spring Lake Ranch on Friday for his photography course.  We are taking the canoe and kayak and all that gear and all our own food so not only a TO DO list but a full menu plan with accompanying shopping list..... the JOY!

Of course all this while "resting"..... Hmmmm.......pretty sure that packing up 4 people going in different directions for a week would be on the checklist...and checked off by my Dr...... totally sure actually.


Having the whole family home (even if Mom is "resting") is lovely - we can chat and watch the Olympics and water the garden.......then just like that (snap your fingers for full effect)......you are sitting on the couch - 2 laptops whirring away looking at dogs to adopt.

It was a stealth attack.

To be perfectly honest the "dog discussion" has been swirling away in this house for months....with me the lone voice of sanity reason.  I have now presented all my best arguments to three of the smartest people I know and I have been outwitted, outplayed, outargued.  There will be a dog in our house.... the debate now is puppy vs pound (puppy well ahead at this point) and breed (lab well ahead but my FB peeps have given us pause on this front).

It's such a battle between this from my friend Jack
Until you have loved a dog there is part of your soul that remains unawakened...you are in for a treat!
And these from my friends Hayley and Lisa
 Oh Nick, oh Nicks.....how do I put this ? ...get all the sleep that you can now ! Take a lot of pictures of your lovely garden now..for "before" and "after"....hide ALL furniture, shoes, garden hoses, irrigation lines.....Buy a portable Bissell carpet cleaner...and then just pray for the puppy years (usually about 3 - 4 years) to pass VERY quickly !! Sorry my friend, just need to prepare you ! Our English Golden Retriever has just turned 2 ....BUT...they are beautiful when they're sleeping !!
 PS Labs eat EVERYTHING! Casey chewed the knobs off our washer and dryer. My friend's lab ate their drywall. You need to ensure that your dog is busy and well socialized for the first 8 years or so!
 Between a rock and a hard place.......... the other 3 are SO excited and the dog will be going to school with them but I know, I know I know the house and garden are in for a beating and our pack-up-and-go lifestyle will change.......but we will love this dog for years......just imagine the blog stories it will generate!

I am betting the currently unchewed leather sofa that we have a choc lab puppy by tomorrow (not ready to come home until late in Aug) and 3 VERY excited Byres.

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