Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Man .........

...of many Years  - 45 to be precise but who's counting?

...of many Talents 
As this photo of his gifts tells you he is a master carpenter, amazing chef, budding photographer and world class name a few things. Such a gifted and talented man who shares his wisdom with so many.

...much beloved as a Dad

He does such a great job with these two monkeys, guiding, disciplining, teaching, watching movies, biking, discussing, loving......

...who loves good food

So many amazing meals he has made for us, not to mention the bread he bakes, the complicated recipes he tries and aces everytime...... he enjoyed his crab tonight in the sunshine.

...who loves and is loved by his family
He so appreciates the joy of family and does much to love us all and we all love him the moon and back actually.....

...who knows how to have fun
No family occasion is ever complete without a moment or two (or too many) of silly Byres Behaviour......His mother promised me he would grow up one day!

...who loves Steveston

He (and we) never miss an opportunity to wander in our village, to support local businesses and artisans.....we know how lucky we are to live here.

...whom I dearly love.  

Happy Birthday Allan!

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