Friday, February 17, 2012

From the ashes

I had a very surreal experience this week the  impact of which caught me unawares.  Funny how things we bury either intentionally, or not, can surface at strange times, in strange ways.

I have been working to open a new child care facility for almost 7 years.  There have been many stutters and stumbles along the way as well as some major changes of direction, location etc.....

And just when things were looking like they were finally coming together......there was a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel......that doors would actually open and small people would play and this long worked for goal was so close I could see it......

 then it burned down.

Fire  It was a big fire (don`t watch the whole video but you can get a sense of the magnitude).

I stood there the next morning feeling numb.  Knowing the dream just slipped a lot further down the tunnel.

Life goes on.

Last week I was having a challenging day (to say the least).  I had to go to a meeting but on the way home I decided to stop and see how the rebuilding was coming along at this site.  As it turns out the show suites have been put in the child care facility for the moment and so I was able to walk into our new space.  After chatting up the Realtor I was able to get into some sections of the building that are closed to public access.

And that`s when I had this strange, surreal, moment as I stood in a space I have only ever seen as lines on a plan, only ever imagined.....I got goosebumps as I realised it was actually happening, the space is actually built, it exists........ If my colleague Jennifer hadn`t been with me I might have had a good cry!

It`s far from finished and nearly a year away from being child ready but it`s so much closer than it has ever been.

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