Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad News Good News

I am happy to be alive tonight. (not to be too dramatic and also that is not the good news ;)

The Bad News

I got sick over three weeks ago with a bad chest cold and stopped working out.

And then one week became two.

And when I was feeling ready to go back there were no classes that fit my schedule.

I have tried to stay on top of my eating but I have had a lot of of lunch meetings at nice restaurants.  I did try to make wise choice......really I did.

But I was worried that my oh so recently won weight loss and fitness levels were at risk.  I didn't even want to get on the scale or go to class.

The Good News

I went back to class tonight and despite a niggling little fear about having a heart attack and dying in my new shoes (which given what an ordeal I went through to get them it would have been a crying shame to die after only using them once).

I did not actually die.....proven by this blog post.......

I didn't exactly rock the workout, in fact, given the number of new routines I was downright spazzy at times, and my right leg (or left leg for that matter) may not be jolie-esque (and between you and me are her knees not bony?) they did hold up pretty well.

I may not be able to walk tomorrow but tonight....tonight I feel pretty good.

I am back.

Oh and I stood on the scale when I got back from exercising, drinking a litre of water and having dinner and I was stealing myself to see a big jump.............. and there was a jump but a really small and very erasable one (in fact I am hoping by the time I get back on the scale in the morning some of those pounds will already be history ;) because we all know it's best practice to weigh ourselves naked first thing in the morning before even one sip of tea. Yes?

I may be 42 and I may be a late adopter of the whole exercise thing but the bug has bitten....and bitten hard.  I have decided to run a road race in the summer - I can't wait to start pounding the pavement and who knows where that road will end.

It is truly amazing to me that this is my life....... who'd have thunk it??

PS - Am I the only person who cannot spell exercise......maybe that's why it took me so long to get with the program! Sheesh.

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  1. I am so with you in the 'weigh yourself in the morning naked thing'. Even when I go to the doctor for my yearly ck up I make sure it's in the summer (so I wear less clothes and sandals that I can take off)first appointment in the morning and eat NOTHING or drink NOTHING until the weigh in is OVER! hahahaha! Sounds like you are on a good role here though, keep it up!

    I came over here after reading a comment you wrote and agreed with on Mama D's blog.

    Look forward to reading more of your stuff, it's been fun!