Thursday, February 23, 2012


 I have been feeling a distinct lack of spiritual discipline in my life lately. 

It is not a crisis of faith at all but I have stopped regularly giving myself time to focus on spiritual/faith matters.  

To be honest I have never been good at it.

At Christmas time I so enjoyed the advent reader I got and the daily minutes I took to read theological thoughts and scripture.

And then nothing again......and truthfully I am not even going to church much at the moment.  I pray a lot and have our little Soup Group community that I love and care for and pray for.

But I feel spiritually restless and ungrounded and yet expectant of things in the future.

So as Lent approached I wandered how to use this traditional time of preparation for Easter to reboot spiritually or at least in spiritual discipline.  I came across a book by Chris Seay called  "A Place at the Table - 40 days of solidarity with the poor".  This peaked both my spiritual and social justice interests and I ordered it from the mighty Amazon empire.

It is a 40 day journey of personal spiritual discipline as well as an exploration of what it means to be rich when most of the world is poor.  It challenges the reader to eat simply, rice and vegetables and beans as much as possible so as to approximate, albeit weakly, the experience of the poor.  It also encourages us to look at our spiritual poverty.

It's only Day 2 but it feel good to have committed to a regain a spiritual foothold in my life. 

Yesterday I sat and watched the sunrise as my journey started and was humbled by the beauty and peace that I live in.  Today I took my book and had my few minutes of reflection by the river as the sun once again bathed our City in it's warmth and light.

If you want to check out Chris Seay's book or hear his daily journal click  here

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