Friday, February 10, 2012

Boy Band

If you have ever had a child, grandchild, niece, nephew etc in elementary school you will have had the pain pleasure of attending the Band Concert.  The torture tunes start early in their school careers with screeching recorders blown with youthful exuberance. Parents sit on their hands lest they fly up to cover their ears.

Then in Grade 6 the children get to pick an instrument.  At the moment they pick said instrument they have NO idea about this instrument, what it takes to be good at this instrument and even if the school music teacher knows how to teach it to you.

Lindsay spent two years trying not to blow into the flute we rented her at great cost (but much less cost than some instruments) because she had no clue how to play it even after 2 years of band classes.

Drummer David

 Of course David wanted to play the drums.....Oh yes he did!  The school did have a drum kit so all we needed were drumsticks.....wrong - we had to get another percussion instrument for him to practice on so we got a xylophone (known as the bells) and he had an ok first year of band with an enthusiastic teacher.

Still,  even at the year end final performance at the Gateway Theatre it would have been a stretch to call it melodious.

So with a resigned trepidation we went of to the Band Concert at David's new school this week.  He is playing a snare drum this year and really enjoying it although when he has to bring it home he always looks like a turtle walking along with this big black drum backpack on! 

The concert was well well done. 

And clever....

First they have the high school jazz band play......this is designed to give you hope.  Hope that one day all the ear scarring years you have invested will pay off.

Concentrating while obscured by the tuba

They were amazing.

Then the Grade 6's were up.  Not going to lie......there was screeching and a very over zealous drummer with his own beat.  But as they went through their demonstration the music teacher was explaining how he taught them and how they progressed from screech to melody.  It was actually very instructive and well though out.

So when the Grade 7's took to the airwaves I was so pleasantly surprised at their skill - it was music, actual music with hardly a screech note or errant  drumbeat to be heard.

And the kids seemed confident and to be enjoying themselves.

As always when kids in these situations excel and you see almost 50 Grade 7's making music, there is a great mentor, a passionate teacher, an enthusiastic leader.

A great music teacher (and character
Well done Mr K, all the kids who practice and play with heart and joy.

It was a most enjoyable evening.

And I couldn't have been more surprised!

Drummer Boys!

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