Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have been sick in bed the last 2 days.  Nothing major just a bad cold/cough thing but feeling pretty rotten.

My clock/radio is set to the CBC and I listen to the news/traffic/business report every morning when the alarm goes off.

For the past two days I have left the radio on and I have fallen in love with CBC all over again.

As I once commented in this blog post
 When we had our first apartment in Canada we had no TV. We listened to CBC radio every night.  We like to say everything we know about Canada we learned from Peter Gzowski.  We loved his gentle voice in the evening and the eclectic offerings of "As it Happens" with Michael Enright (who was a lot less pompous then than he is now- in my opinion) and Barbara Budd.

Allan was sitting on the bed with me last night and we both listened to the radio and it reminded me of those old evenings before we had a TV much less laptops, iPhones etc...

This week is the annual Canada Reads Debate where various Canadian personalities and intellectuals propose a book they believe all Canadians should read and defend it in debate with one another.  The first debate yesterday was fierce and, at times, acrimonious and in the end the vote to eliminate one book was very controversial. 

I listened to the second debate today which was calmer but still very engaging. 

When I was a child there used to be serials on the radio during the day -- the radio equivalent of TV soap operas and I can remember if I was sick for a day or two I would try and eek out my illness so I could find out what happened next.  Happily I can keep up with the Canada Reads Debates with a podcast on my iPhone......

I just really enjoyed listening to intellectual debate, interesting and diverse people speaking passionately on a wide array of subjects in good, well-spoken english.....trying to think if/ when I might be able to use the phrase "paradoxical darkness" in conversation!

I need to come upstairs in the evenings more often (and work at my new work space) and listen to the radio......it makes me happy!

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