Saturday, February 18, 2012

Duck Duck

In this course I am teaching "Math, Science and Social Studies in Early Childhood Education" I had to do two Saturday classes because of an early Spring Break.  Saturday classes are long - 6 hours of teaching after a long week of work for all of the students and I.  So in an effort to both give them a relevant experience and to break up the Saturday I chose to take them to the bird sanctuary  just south of Richmond on Westham Island

When I got up this morning is was blowing a gale and pouring rain. 

Just perfect for a walk on an exposed marsh on the edge of the ocean....... NOT!

While (st) it was cold - only 4 degrees and very windy, the rain held off for most of the walk.  I enjoyed being out in the wind - my friend Audrey called it "bracing" and it was indeed.

It is such a lovely place to wander and we saw so many birds.

Although many of my students have lived here longer than I have, none of them had ever been there and they had a wonderful time and I think many of them will return again,

Maybe on a sunny day.

SO many ducks

This guy was showing me his sore foot

Crazy Sandhill Cranes...they once tried to eat Lindsay when she was a baby
View from viewing hut

A heron

A pair of eagles

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