Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scientific Sunday

This meeting (American Association for the Advancement of Science) was on in Vancouver all week. I heard several stories relating to it on CBC and a friend posted a link on her FB to the Family Science Fair that was open to the public over the weekend and was free.

Having had a crazy week and a busy Saturday we brokered a deal with the kids to get their homework sorted out on Sunday morning so we could catch the Canada Line to the Vancouver Convention Centre to have a look at what the best science brains from around the world had to say.

There was quite the line-up to get in which was comforting - we are not the only geeky family in Vancouver as it turns out. 

There were dozens of booths, some live shows and demonstrations, book sellers and other resources all linked to Science in one way or another.  So much interesting information.

We happened to pass the Canadian Science Booth and saw that Jay Ingram from Daily Planet (on the Discovery Channel) was about to host a quiz show with some of Canada's top Scientists!  David is a particular fan of Jay's and a devoted Daily Planet viewer so he was very excited.  We got front row seats and chatted to Jay and David has his photo taken with him and then we were thoroughly entertained by the quiz show.......and somewhat educated on various topics!

Our brains full of all things scientific, we took a little walk around the Convention Centre and saw the new snow on the north shore mountains - it wasn't raining but it was chilly!
And then headed for

For some delicious coffee, hot choc and goodies

We did a little photography downtown before heading home

A lovely Sunday afternoon.

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  1. A Chocolate Cafe? Sounds like someplace I need to take my hubby on a date. I'll have to look it up.

    :) :) :)