Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day - the conclusion

The last of my Valentines projects was a photo/card project.  I dashed home late Thursday with a half formed idea in my head.  I headed into the backyard as the light was fading and searched for some sticks to make a heart with.  The first couple of attempts were dismal.

I realised I had to make the heart so I used some twine and made the heart.  I then set about photographing it against various backgrounds.  I hung it on the fence, put it on a woodpile lying in the yard, on the grass....  Then I came inside and tried it on various surfaces from carpet, to cushions to curtains and the couch....  I had lots of shots.

I then carefully edited down to 9 images.  I find editing so hard to do.  I flip back and forth between two almost identical shots looking for that little something that makes one look better than the other.  And I find hitting the delete button very hard to do!!

When I took them in to be printed I decided to look at what other effects I could use and I loved how they looked in sepia.  So I ordered sets in colour and in sepia.

In some of them the difference is subtle but in others it is quite stark.

 Then I used the photo's to make cards.  The red background looked lovely on this pre-embossed card from the paper source.
I mounted the sepia ones on a dark red card and then onto white cardstock........

I also put a heart in a frame for each of my little family to keep in their rooms or on their desks to remind them how much I love them.

And as usual I printed too many so am now thinking of other ways to use them up - thank you cards, a framed heart collage????   You can't really go wrong with too many hearts can you?

And while I was writing this blog I used the rest of the cake balls to make some cake pops for our Soup groupers tonight - these ones were white and looked sweet.... I just had a great idea that they could be snowballs for Christmas with a little blue sugar on them......... YES!

Cake pop take 2

An avenue of deliciousness

And that concludes all my Valentines Day projects - I am all out of creative energy and ideas - you are on your own for St Patricks Day !

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