Friday, February 11, 2011

Hellooo Martha are you in there?

I really want to be Martha Stewart.
At the very least I want her craft room, her staff and her supplies!!!  Ha ha......
days and days to create beautiful things!
This has been brought on by Valentines Day and the millions of crafty things crafty people can and do make that are lovely and inspiring.
Like this blog here that Richmond's Janice N does.  Scroll down a bit for some great links she has and check out all the ladies who linked to her on their Blog Hop today and the Valentines ideas will make your head spin!  I found it inspiring!
And then I came home today and Lindsay and her buddy Meghan had been baking up a Valentines storm with mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with peppermint crunch on top and sugar cookie hearts with pink icing.  They packaged them up for their school friends for Monday and they look wonderful.  Great way to spend a damp Pro-D day!

Beautiful Buddy's and Bakers too!

Quality Control

So......... with a little over 48 hours to go I need to get busy if I am to join this crafty lot.  I know I can't be Martha or even Janice N but I do have a couple projects up my sleeve and if the planets align and the weekend turns out as expected I might just get a couple of them done!
Watch this space!!


  1. Hi Nicky-
    Now I am reading your blog! Looks like you have a crafty daughter...would any of those delish looking cookies be for her principal ;)

  2. I shall certainly suggest it!!! She is still a little in awe of "the office". My cake pops were a great adventure - not an everyday project for sure!! Not for me anyway!