Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ahhhh Saturday

It was a busy but lovely Saturday.

I was so tempted to snuggle in bed rather than get up and go to Jazzercise but  I got up and went. I met a lady I know who was new and needed some encouragement so I was glad I went.  After last nights Fab Abs and Inner thigh class I was certainly aware of where those muscles were!!

Came home after class - driving by Allan and David on Steveston Hwy heading off to soccer in the horizontal rain - it was really torrential.

I had a shower, had a couple of important phone conversations, ate an omlette Lindsay made which was fantastic and then headed to pick up some items for my Valentines craft project!  And then on to my credit union in Ladner to buy an RRSP.

I love my credit union - they are so friendly and helpful - my fear of financial institutions has evaporated - they really are so easy to deal with and treat us with what seems to be genuine warmth and interest. Hats of to Envision Credit Union!

Headed to the Mall with Miss L to buy rugby gear...... I have lost the battle - she loves rugby although she is in alot of pain in the upper arms and quads from 3 practices last week.  So new cleats and the all important mouth guard (they come in pink!!) and some new shorts and she is all set.  Please Lord protect her teeth and face and brain and bones........ At Junior Youth last night we watched the Karate Kid and that Mom watched that kid get beaten to a pulp in Kung Fu.  There is NO way I could watch Lindsay get injured and not run onto the field (I already did that once with David at soccer and the Ref had a fit)....... I think Allan is going to lock me in the car!!!

Back home to start a few Valentines projects - I wish I could show you but some of you will be recipients of my work so I can't spoil the surprise!!

Had to dash into Steveston for some supplies mid-afternoon so I popped into the new bakery the "Sweet Spot" on Chatham and 2nd(?) and got some goodies for tea. 

 I think it is always a good idea to sample a few things when trying a new bakery - then you will know what to focus on in the future :).  There is something very lovely about a little white cardboard cake box filled with yummy stuff - in this case - blueberry/blackberry/frangipani tarts , an almond croissant and a giant macaroon.

On a wet and  stormy afternoon,  a pot of tea and some munchies with my little family was a wonderful gift.  We enjoyed everything! And we will return for further investigation........

I worked away on my Valentines projects but stopped to make dinner of Prawn and Pea Risotto.

I have been craving both Prawns and Risotto so it seemed perfect when I found a Jamie Oliver recipe that combined both and added peas to assuage my conscience about the lack of vegetables.
Risotto takes both skill and patience to get right - neither of which I possess in much quantity and certainly not in the culinary arena so I find preparation is key!

Lovely juicy prawns (on sale at Safeway this weekend!)
Alot of butter and some unsalted, low fat chicken broth - I know its a contradiction but at least its not a double dose of fat and salt.  A little onion and garlic and the baking smells from earlier today were banished!
 In go the prawns after 30 minutes of adding broth slowly and letting the arborio rice cook.
 I love watching the prawns turn pink (just wish I had peeled them first!!!)

A few handfuls of parmesan cheese and a yummy dinner eaten with my favourite peeps in candlelight.

I hope you had a good Saturday...... I have lots to do tomorrow but for now I am am calling it quits (taking off Martha's mantle) and heading to bed with a book and glass of wine.


  1. What a wonderful delight to read your blog Nicky and get a window into your family life. Love all the photos documenting it all too. Thank you!

  2. Ah Jan - thanks for your kind words - I am having alot of fun doing it. Hope you are doing well.