Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh My

I was just trolling through my usual blog route this morning when I landed on Janice's Blog and was delighted she had been nominated for a Stylish Blogger Award - I couldn't agree more.... I have often commented to others that her blog is so lovely and seems much more flexible than mine design-wise and she is an amazingly talented woman (it is actually kind of freaky how parallel our lives are - our kids are the same age, her eldest is a boy and mine is a girl, our youngest are playing on the same soccer team for the second time, our husbands worked together for years, now her husband in my daughters school principal, they love car trips and Oregon and so do we, we both like and love our kids, like messing about with photography and crafts..... it goes on....). Anyway I thought the award very well deserved.  The nominee is then supposed to share 7 things about themselves and I enjoyed reading hers.

And then she nominated 6 other blogs for the Stylish Blogger Award and I was stunned to see my blog on her list!!!  WOW!!!  for a novice I am very humbled and very delighted....... This is starting to sound like an acceptance speech....... HA HA ..... but I am THAT pleased!

Except now I have to follow suit and list 7 things about myself and then nominate some of my favourite blogs for the award......... no free lunches hey!!

OK - here goes.....

1.  I plan to write a book one day........ and have a linen closet that is worthy of the cover of a Home Magazine.

2. I eat my fries and/or yam fries with mayonnaise not ketchup

3.  I have always been a sports fan and although I have never been to a Canucks game I am a big fan and I    know more about hockey than you might think.

4. My husband brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning and I love him for that and a bunch of other stuff too.

5. I used to have political not so much. I will change the world in a different way.

6. Salty over sweet. Any day, anytime....... AND raisins should be banned from baked goods

7. My children are my greatest accomplishment and among my closest friends. 

I would like to nominate these blogs I ready everyday:

I read Tara Livesay here everyday not just because I love her candid and self-reflective style but to remind myself just how much I have to be thankful for and how much the world "out there" is hurting.

I read Heather Moore's blog here but I am a stalker so she doesn't know (yet).  I was at school with Heather but know her brother Derek too.  I would like to be a tiny bit as creative as Ms. Moore - she has an amazing eye!

I read the Together We Learn blog here.  It is written by Neil Kamide, Principal at McMath Secondary and has been a wonderful window into high school life and secondary education for me in my first year as a high school parent.  My daughter Lindsay is at this school.

I stalk this blog too.  I know the authors parents (in fact the Dad/Dad-in-law was our wedding photographer) but what I like to read is 1) about life in Norway and how they have adapted to it and 2) I identify with the writing on the experience of being an immigrant.  You can take the girl our of Africa but its almost impossible to take Africa out of the girl...... and we don't want to lose it anyway......

Judi and David Owens are missionaries in Arusha Tanzania and blog (intermittently - snap!) about it here.  Their faith adventure is inspiring but what I really love is the stories of Flash the tortoise and his miserable love life and the current hen/mongoose saga.

So thanks again Janice....... it made my day!  Happy Blog Hopping to the rest of you!

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  1. Hi Nicky
    Great to hear from you, and thanks for the nomination! Won't you shoot me an email at I'm a little unclear on which Nicky from Epworth you are (I'm assuming you've lost your own surname somewhere along the way?)
    xx Heather