Friday, February 4, 2011


I quipped earlier this week on my FaceBook that I thought my children were trying to kill me.  As they would say "Mom your Irish is showing" - this pronouncement from them whenever I exaggerate or do something a bit nutty (so they get to say this VERY RARELY!!). And before Irish blog readers are insulted, my Grandmother was born in Ireland and she would have laughed her head off at this saying!

But seriously they both pushed my buttons this week, in different ways, and these moments served to show me I have barely graduated from Parenting 101 and I have been at it for almost 14 years.  I should have a T-shirt or bumper sticker that says SLOW LEARNER!!

David's teacher and I exchange over the phone this week about Mr D's inattention to homework and his goofing off in class.  He (the teacher) did not respond well when I asked if maybe David was bored seeing as at the last parent/teacher meeting we had he told me over and over again how mature and responsible David is? This question apparently offended the teacher who blamed Allan and I for being inattentive to the due dates of projects.  I tried to point out they were not MY projects.... anyway... suffice to say we had a sit down with Mr David and he is now caught up on the one assignment that was overdue and is behaving better in class. (I hope and pray for his sake and mine!)

And then Lindsay announces to me via text message that she is joining the rugby team.  I grew up with rugby, spent many a Saturday afternoon watching high school rugby (ok ok I was there to watch the boys but I did see some of the game and some of the injuries!!).  I have also been to many professional rugby matches and was so proud when the South African Springboks won the rugby world cup several years ago. (the events of which were recently reenacted in the movie Invictus which you should see!).  I know rugby.  And now my beautiful girl with the newly straightened smile wants to play rugby (I wonder if the orthodontist is behind this???) and I am having a  bird!!

The truth is both my children are pretty amazing people.  Smart, funny, caring, compassionate, passionate, creative.  They will choose their paths.  So far they have always managed to find their way through whatever has been thrown at them, with a little help and a lot of love from their parents, grand-parents and circle of friends.  I need to let my buttons be pushed less often and  just keep walking alongside them and loving them and trusting God to keep them safe. (What was that about me being more content these days - ah yes!!)

Tonight they both spent an hour or more helping me prepare for my Board retreat tomorrow, no complaints, just so happy to help.

I love you Lindsay Lou and Davey - thanks for forgiving my occasional ranting and raving and for giving me so much love and joy.  My world is better because you are in it!

OK, maybe I can graduate from parenting 102 now.......??????

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