Monday, February 7, 2011

Arlo and Sola

Becoming a Godmother was one of the most unexpected things in my life and one of the roles I now love the most.  To be asked to love and care for a little person who is not your own (especially when your own are big lumps like mine) is a wonderful gift and a great privilege. 

Arlo was born early and he struggled through a few tough weeks.  His first visit out of the hospital was to our house were several of our group of friends were gathered - he was so tiny we could have hung him on the Christmas tree (not that we did!!).  I took him and his Mom Juli to their first Dr's  appointment and was so sobered to hear the Dr say "You scared us young man, we weren't sure you were going to make it". 

Arlo reading a Woodworking magazine!
We got to take care of him every Friday for a few hours and it was so much fun to see him grow and reach all his milestones - we loved having him!

Exploring grass in the backyard

A very Arlo "look"

It was wonderful to be at his dedication and to write a blessing for him.

Arlo's dedication
All dressed up at his dedication - he knows he's one cool kid!
He is such a bright part of my life - we have had such fun times together and I treasure all the visits we have.   He came to work with me for an hour or so the other day.  I opened the front door and he ran down the pathway and jumped into my arms - such a wonderful moment for me!!  We did art and read books and chatted.  He is such an interesting and perceptive little boy!

Last week wearing a silly hat for my birthday
Arlo has a sister now, Miss Sola Averose Fruhling who was dedicated this week.  She has her own wonderful God Parents who are good friends of ours too.  Sola gave us a few scares by trying to come too early but her Mom did all the hard work of keeping her in until she was just perfect!

A summer Sola cuddle for Allan

She is such a great baby.  She has this worried look but only until she smiles and then her whole face lights up!

Sola in her silly had last week!
Two amazing little people, two great parents.  Hats off to Juli and Spencer who are doing such a great job of parenting.  What I love the most about them is the way they so generously share their babies with us and so many.  You have surrounded your children with so many people who love them to bits.

Two beautiful ladies!

A special family

Many blessing Fruhling Four - I love you all.

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