Sunday, February 6, 2011


The body is an amazing thing.  It can take so much abuse. But every now and then it calls HALT!  At least mine does.  And it did on Friday night.  Apparently my body did not get the memo that Friday was not a convenient moment to make its point. 

One of the ways I cope with stress, like many others, is to exercise.  It was therefore all the more infuriating that my body threw me a curve ball in the middle of an intense exercise class - how rude!!

Anyway I did not, could not, concede to my body's inability to process the stress so I pushed on.  Late night on Friday preparing for Saturday's Board Strategic Planning session for work.  Bad sleep (Allan was away and I never sleep well when the other side of the bed is empty plus the wind was howling plus David was coughing).  I was up at 5am Saturday and was on the road, car packed to the hilt, by 7am. 

As you know from yesterday's blog post the day went well - I managed to trick my body that all was well (and drank bottle after bottle of water which is supposed to help migraines) but by the time I had unpacked and fed the kids I was all done and losing the battle with my body!

I was in bed before the triumphant Robotics Teacher returned home from the third straight Cambie victory (a post on that shortly!). 

We got up for church today but the head was still pounding and the stomach churning but it was a special day.  Our Godson Arlo's little sister Sola was being dedicated.  I was so glad to make it but we missed the party afterwards as my body demanded drugs and bed.

It would seem that having got what it needed my body is now returning to some normalcy or at least an absence of pain and nausea.

I guess I need to continue to work on my stress management techniques - any tips anyone?

I would hate to have to resort to this!!!

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