Friday, December 26, 2014


I am a really useful worker bee.

I can be useful when thinking or making decisions.

But when things get technical I am as useful as flip flops in a snow storm.

And today was a technical day in the reno.

The "easy" stuff is running out ... I painted lots of trim today, doorways and doors and Lindsay painted the hallway. 

It's so annoying to me that prepping takes longer than painting... I am having a love hate relationship with the green painters tape!

Allan wrestled with drywalling and angles and finishing strips today. And his glasses apparently ...

Lindsay was also the queen of nutrition breaks today with pancakes and ham for breakfast and these amazing cheese pretzels with mustard she made for lunch! So delicious I was sad when I was finished mine.

When it was clear my usefulness for the day was over I cleaned up Christmas chaos and reheated turkey dinner.

We are so close to laying the floor... Just a few more technicalities and a few more feet of trim and walls to paint and we'll be  flooring.... And by we ... I mean Allan.

We only have tomorrow as Sunday sees us off to Seattle to have lunch with my niece and sister in from Anchorage for a drs appointment. And we are leaving David there for two days with my parents so he can visit with his cousin so team
Byres will be one wheel short.  :( 

Shower, hot choc and some reading and then bed.


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