Saturday, December 20, 2014

Reno 2014

Yeah we know it's crazy to take on a sizeable reno in the dead of winter over Christmas.

But that is our kind of crazy.... We do it so well.

We did the thinking and planning and so when we started yesterday within hours of the final school bell we were ready. 

We got off to a great start. It's always exciting to start... I was particularly delighted to hear the first of the white tiles in our entrance hall crack.... No turning back now!

It became clear that while most of the tiles came off with a chisel and hammer ... The "stuff" under them would need more power. 

We rented a scraper and Allan did a masterful job of getting the floor cleaned off.

Here's what I learned today:

1. No matter how much you hope the sub floor will never be level.

2. Dust will escape your well hung plastic barriers... And the 50 shades of grey in your hair are 49 shades of dust.

3. When you add lots of sweat to the dust in your hair it turns to a concrete like texture.... Lovely!

4. Good friends bring fuel in the form of hot food.

5. Everyone in the house should have had hearing protection ... Especially Spanner who was not a happy camper and thanks to the ringing in my ears I will be the one singing loudest in church tomorrow.

6. A pop-up Starbucks outside out house would be super helpful ... Anyone got a contact? Could be loud and dusty but there will be super friendly and frequent customers!  Until then there is tea.

7. Those small extras one ends up needing ... Foam underlay, paint, floor leveling stuff, drywall hole filler (oops) .. they add up cost wise.., quickly.

8. Sometimes redoing things isn't time or cost effective ..... New baseboards for us... Selling 100ft of well used baseboard to defray above noted costs - good deal available for the right customer!

9. Lindsay, who suggested we do this reno now hadn't been seen since breakfast ... We knew that girl was smart!  She has been at paid gigs all day.... But she did make bacon and pancakes before abandoning us! And got us Blizzards after dinner.

10. Demo is fun but is followed by double time of cleaning up. The shop vac and I are well acquainted.

11. Ibuprofen is your friend.

12. No point in pulling all nighters... Quit and enjoy a meal and a drink by the Christmas tree as the rain buckets down.  Plus we are too old for that.

13. It will all be there tomorrow!

You notice that missing spindle on the staircase.?
And tomorrow... Big moves on the brick fireplace .. Stay tuned!


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