Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 2

So after 300 squats  getting the tile up and vacuuming yesterday I can barely walk today..... being an Anglican was very challenging - Up, down, up down...... Ai YA!

But the work must go on........

And on it went with crazy speed.  Today's focus - the brick fireplace in the family room.

If the white tiles cracking made me happy the red brick falling made Allan happier.  Notice he used power tools and I just used my own  super powers!  And a hammer.

Construction Selfie!

The dust still won the day despite our best

David and I took half a ton of bricks to the dump - over 500kg....the lady on the way out who was billing us couldn't believe we had THAT much stuff.

Lindsay showed up to home!  And that damn sub floor is now level!

My parents brought us dinner - Yay for parents!

Off to shower the dust out of my hair AGAIN and take more ibuprofen!


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