Monday, December 29, 2014


We are oh so close to having the floor in! Despite a big non-work break in the middle of the day for me to have coffee in the village with new friends and Lindsay and Allan to pick up "shipments" in Point Roberts... We worked like crazy and 90% of the floor is in! 

Average sweary day.

Just a bit more in the family room to finish tomorrow 

AND that is not even close to the end of the story ..... There is still a bannister to make and install and baseboards to put in and lots of trim to stain and a fair but of painting left to do! 

BUT We are getting there......

Inspector Emily, our fearless friend who tells off rock stars and gets away with it, came by today and innocently asked "How do regular people do this kind of stuff... If they don't have your skills?".  

What she meant was "What crazy nut jobs do this to themselves?"

We just nodded and smiled. 

We have no idea either.

But we are still smiling....


Lots to do tomorrow.  Just going to finish me up this glass o' vino and hit my pillow.



  1. Im sure you were trying to say a weary day...but at first I thought you had written a swear day! Ha probably quite apt somedays...glad its all coming together , it looks pretty good.

    1. No - I did mean sweary...... Allan tends to swear a lot when working....just himself...