Monday, December 22, 2014

Paint and the Vent

Today was like swimming through molasses.

We had a firm plan that went out the window as we waited for a plumber to come and fix the mysteriously dead hot water tank.

And my car was in the shop.

So Allan ended up running hundreds of dollars worth of errands while I wrote large cheques to people who fix things.  Ah the joys of being grown-ups with responsibilities.

But no matter how we feel we had to keep moving.

Lindsay and I taped and painted the hallway, stairwell and some trim.....and 100ft of baseboards!  Allan helped with the high bits......its that bit that teenage boys with their grubby hands hit when jumping down the stairs.....Grrr......

The boys ripped out the last of the carpet and took on an electrical wiring job so the TV can hang where the fireplace used to be.....and then replaced the insulation and drywall!

As I took this picture D says "This is totally legal Mom, don't worry!"

And just as the day was winding accident occurred..... as they do when one is tired.

I fell down this vent.

True story - the only thing that stopped me being sucked through the vent and into the fiery furnace is my abnormally large calf (seriously -  my calves are huge but in this instance life-saving!).

While painfully stuck up to my abnormally large calf in this jagged metal edged crevice I panicked that I might be stuck - and imagining how awkward Christmas would be if I was stuck in a vent at the front door and/or if Firefighters had to jack hammer me out and thus unlevel the newly leveled floor (all of these thoughts taking a millisecond to concoct in my brain) I decided I was too busy to be stuck so I ripped the leg out leaving behind a healthy donation of my skin.

I may have yelled "help" and I may have imagined blood gushing from my lower extremity but as the troops rallied I managed to get to the bathroom unassisted and once cleaned up, though it stings like crazy and I will be wearing pants for Christmas, it's still attached to my body so all is well.

Despite dreadful cost over runs in every department today we went out for dinner because we were so tired...over dinner we made shopping lists for groceries as, of course, Christmas Eve with friends and Christmas with family are at out house and soon we will have to hit the pause button on renos and get to cooking and maybe, just maybe, relaxing a leeetle beeet.

So there you have it.....excuse my while I raid the dwindling supply of ibuprofen and go to bed!.


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