Thursday, December 25, 2014

A few of my favourite things

A very merry Christmas....  

After holding this 9 day old beauty on Christmas Eve .... World meet Olive ... aka Baby Jesus in the Christmas Eve church service!! I adored holding her for an hour ... She is delightful but her Mama would sure appreciate if she'd sleep a little more so we had a little chat about that! 

(There you go Ben... Blog Fame!)

Later we had tea and cranberry scones (made by David)  and did stockings with my Parents.... Where once again we proved we cannot (or will not) stick to the rules regarding item limits!

We then had a seafood feast with dear friends that was so amazing I totally forgot to take photos but suffice to say crab cakes, peri peri prawns, bbq'd squid for appetizers..... Clam chowder, salad and Salmon Wellington that was so sublime .... And then key lime pie and a delightful Chilean gift exchange.... Ai Ya SO amazing! A great great night!

We fell into bed around midnight very happy and very full!!

So of course we kicked off today with this 

And then the great gift giving ... Love and chaos and thoughtfulness and surprises and so much paper.... Joy!

So many lovely thoughts and gifts... My mom really took the list from Glennon Doyle to heart with maybe one modification.....
1. One thing you want
2. One thing the world needs
3. One thing to wear
4. One thing to read
5. Multiple other gifts I choose to bestow

So we all got Me to We Rafiki bracelets 

Lindsay got an Elephant

And between us we got a tower of books! 

A few of my favourite things showed up in spite of me being a miserable failure of a wish list maker.... All I can say is my people get me!

Allan cooked a fine looking and tasting local turkey and we had ham, veg and all the trimmings at a pretty table and our favourite cranberry pudding!

It was lovely.... Also exhausting for some...

Tomorrow the reno returns..... But until then we're spinning the Christmas playlist one more time, cleaning up a bit and digging into that pile of books.


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