Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ma Familia

We booted it down to Seattle this morning with a 20 minute pause at the border and a little longer for breakfast in Bellingham.

We arrived at Seattle South Centre Mall with enough time to do a spot o' retail before the Alaskans arrived! 

My sister, younger sister, only sister is in Seattle for my niece Amy (her eldest ... Eldest of 7.... Yup I said 7!) to see a medical specialist.   It's not a great reason but it was a good opportunity to spend 6 hours driving to spend 3 together. 

We had lunch and then the eldest girl cousins... Each of us girls had an eldest girl..... went shopping.... Precious cousin time together.

Then we did a quick and classy iPhone photo shoot in the mall thanks to the pouring rain in the mall parking lot...we are nothing if not classy and apparently I am the one in charge ( or so out server said at lunch lol... I have no idea how he came to that conclusion?)

We had to keep waiting for the background to clear which made for some hilarity ..

And then it was time for us to head north  again....leaving David behind to keep Amy company...

Life is so unpredictable ... It's crazy not to hug on your peeps when you get a chance.

It's been so many years since my Byres saw my sister and niece... Like 7 or more...

Lindsay noted that she will have seen both her Aunts... Allan's sister Wendy and my sister Jill in one year... 2014... We left South Africa Jan 2, 2014 hugging one Aunt and here we are Dec 28, 2014 hugging on the other Aunt...a likely unrepeatable event but both hugs much cherished.

A lovely day despite 75 minutes at the border coming home.

That's what you do for your family! 

Love y'all



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