Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Staycation Day 3 - Idle No More

We slept in AGAIN....... well I managed to doze off again after waking at 6am!

We eventually stirred ourselves to get going and headed down to our beloved Granville Island to have brunch at Edible Canada......all locally sourced food......delish.  Lovely to be sitting outside, under the bridge, lots of people about.....and I cannot lie - the Canadiano is a grrrreat way to start the day!

We wandered for a while, looking at boats, as we do, and as we dream a bit about buying one and taking off.......

It was another spectacular day - so many people on the water...... it was lovely.

We headed home to let the brown waggy wagtail out but not before hitting up a couple of fishing stores..... such fascinating places - depending on where you stand you could be in a craft or sewing store - so many feathers and cotton and felt....colourful.    Allan got some materials for tying flies for his next fishing trip.

We came home and had coffee and some coffee cake for lunch (again) and I said......

"Don't be alarmed Allan but I am going to  have a nap gut the Laundry Room"

He looked up from his fishing magazine and looked at me through his new glasses and before his mouth said a bad word his eyes had already communicated his feelings!

I absolved him of any need to be involved which he accepted warily and I went to work.

He went to tie flies.

It was hot and sweaty work because naturally I was actually doing laundry at the same time so the dryer was going.

I chucked out a lot of garbage and shop vacced  (Lindsay and Spanner if either of you need any of your hair back please take it up with the shop vac - also Lindsay half the worlds hair clips are also in the shop vac FYI).

I collected more stuff for David's Garage sale (we are getting close to being ready for this fundraiser for his France trip so if you have goods for us we'd gladly take 'em).

I cleaned, I attempted to tame the mason jar explosion, I reorganised, I reigned in Spanners stuff and a I cleaned!

I stopped short of taking on the paper accumulation in there as the sweat was dripping into my eyes and....well....its stings......and I took it as a sign to stop.

                                      BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

We made ourselves a lovely dinner of ribeye, new potatoes, Chilliwack corn and....... wait for it......... balsamic and honey roasted beets.  It was all yummy.  Even the beets.

Not yummy enough to win me back to the Beet Fan Club though.

We sat and sipped beer as the heat of the day cooled and as my summer staycation 2014 ebbed away.

It has been a wonderful 3 days off.  I have enjoyed every minute (except for the minutes robbed by beet rage).

I feel rested and happy.

While I have no more planned vacation this summer I am hoping to catch a day or two here and there.

Thanks Allan Byres for being a good sport and a great vacation partner......I love you!

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