Monday, August 4, 2014

Staycation Day 2 - Beet Up

We slept in.  We're so old that means we slept until 7:30am.

After a lovely brunch I baked.

Oops sorry for just blurting that out - I know it was a shock for some of you..... I apologise for the lack of warning... I last baked in 2009-ish.

I was inspired by blueberries and baked a blueberry coffee cake.

It was easy as pie cake?

I forgot I could bake.

I forgot I enjoyed the process.

Funny what stress tricks your brain into forgetting.

Allan and I enjoyed coffee cake and coffee in the shade of the backyard on another hot, sunny day and called it lunch.

I then processed the rest of the blueberries.

The freezer is officially full.

While the cake was baking I decided to do something with the three weeks of CSA accumulated beets.

Week 1 they were itty bitty.

Week 2 they were normal.

Week 3 they were baseballs.

I am a little afraid of Week 4 beets

So I put a pot on to boil.

Week 3 in first followed by week 2 10 minutes later and week 1 15 minutes after that.

I marveled at the jewel colored water boiling them away.

I commented on the lovely earthy smell competing with the sugary, buttery cake baking smell.

But here's the thing.

I am over beets.

I am over cooking them.

I have tried, honestly tried, to love the ridiculous, messy and long process to make beets edible.

Their preparation is not worth their bite...... if you see what I mean.

You clean, you boil, you peel, you chop, you bake and FINALLY you eat ....and they're "meh"

And my chopping board and I look like we committed a heinous crime.

They could't have come like mandarin oranges?  or even onions?
I have put this item on my list to discuss with God one day...... it's not high on the list....but its on the list.

This is not the time to message me with quick ways to do beets.

I am sure there exists a delicious chocolate cake made entirely from doubt its ah-may-zing.

I don't care.

I am annoyed at beets.

Hearing how you prepare them in under 10 minutes will NOT make me feel better.

However if you know of a quick way I can un-lady-macbeth my hands before I go to work tomorrow and scare the children I'd appreciate it.

Click "like" now to be entered into a draw for my CSA week 4 beets.  :)

Now..... where is that coffee cake?

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